SAR Performance of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Breast Cancer Hyperthermia Treatment with Different Period of Treatment Procedure

Cancer treatment using hyperthermia techniques recently become the interest among researchers in investigating and improving certain deficiencies of the treatment since this treatment has the potential to denaturate cancer into necrotic tissue. Hyperthermia uses high heat from 41℃ to 45℃ at a certai...

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Other Authors: Abdul Rahim S.B., Bin Mahmud M.F., Bin Norali A.N., Buniyamin, N., Fook C.Y., Hassan, M.M., Jobli, A.T., Lias, K., Mamat N.B., Mustafa N.B., Naimullah, B.S.S., Noor A.B.M., Sakeran H., Yazid H.B.
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